About Us

Attack Research of Los Alamos Honored at Northern New Mexico 20/20 Campaign Award Reception

We are a company devoted to the in-depth understanding of computer based attacks. Our core staff has multiple years of experience in penetration testing, incident response, training, reverse engineering, malware analysis and more. In addition to our core team of consultants and researchers, Attack Research provides a collective umbrella for security professionals and individual contributors to collaborate with one another on engagements, projects, and presentations; these efforts allow Attack Research to remain close to the security community while also expanding our collective skillsets and expertise.

Attack Research was founded by Valsmith in the winter of 2008 after his decision to move on from his previous malware research company. There were two purposes in mind when Attack Research was formed:

  1. A community focused company, built on in-depth knowledge and understanding about the way computer attacks work. From exploit, to network traffic, to things such as client side web attack infrastructure; all aspect of attacks will be analyzed and discussed.
  2. To be a company which draws on the extensive real world experiences of its members to provide unconventional training, testing, incident response, consulting and research services in the computer security arena.

In addition to these fundamental drivers of our organization, Attack Research also provides a publishing vehicle for community members. Papers, presentations, and tools related to computer security and attack methodologies may be distributed under the Attack Research umbrella.